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Are you ready for summer?

Yes, I know it's still winter but my mind keeps heading for the beach!   I love long days filled with sun, surf, and swimming.  Nows the time to get ready to make this summer your best one yet.  Getting ready can include daily workouts whether going to the gym, going for a walk or doing your own version of yoga, pilates, or aerobic exercise right at home.  It also can include shopping for your beach wardrobe.  We are offering a collection of swimsuits at 50% off for a short time.  Our suits range for slimming and sleek one piece spandex to body baring bikinis.  We carefully selected styles and fabrics to fit a full range of body types and ages...

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New Years Goals

Do your goals for the New Year include a fit healthy body with a trim waistline?  This is one of the most popular goals among women all over the world.  While a regular exercise routine and healthy eating are the keys to lifelong fitness and reaching your goals, there are some short term tricks to help you lose a few inches in the waistline INSTANTLY!  Check out the Waist Trainer/Corset that I'm featuring in my store this month.   It has 3 rows of hook & eye closures so it adjusts as you lose inches.  The flexible steel bones hold the shape, while the cotton/spandex blended fabric comfortably reduces your waistline, for a smooth svelte look!   Wear it regularly to train...

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Balance your chakras: Jewelry for healing and meditation

There are seven main energy centers in our body located in a line aligned with the spine. It is believed that when the energy flows through all the chakras properly, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced.   Jewelry representing the 7 chakras can be an effective tool in meditation and achieving physical and spiritual harmony.   Many of the natural stones are believed to have power to attract health, abundance, power and balance.   Fabulous Life 101 has sought after these stones in the form of beautiful and powerful jewelry.  Check out our chakra bracelets, necklaces, mala beads and other items handcrafted with love.

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Cyber Monday!

Fabulous Life 101 offers some incredible deals on ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FASHION and finds on Cyber Monday!  At checkout, enter discount code TAKE10 for an additional 10% off all purchases.  FREE SHIPPING on purchases totalling $25 or more.  As we search the globe for our unique collections, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.  Order now for pre-Holiday delivery!

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First post

Hello and welcome to your FabulousLife!   In our store, we will feature fashion and beauty items designed to make you look and feel fabulous! We are opening our shop with two incredible jewelry collections.   The first is a collection of jewelry to nurture the inner self as well as the outer.  We have beautiful chakra bracelets, meditation beads, bracelets and necklaces featuring stones will properties to aid in healing, cleansing, and manifestation. Our second collection celebrates bohemian glam with artisan coin necklace, bracelets, earrings and hand ornamentaion.   Stay tuned for new collections as we are constantly searching for and developing new product lines.  In the near future we will be introducing more jewelry collections, handbags, clothing as...

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